Hard Real-time CORBA


Vienna Plenary Meeting, Sept. 11-13 2002


Agenda & Minutes
Agenda Meeting Agenda
HRTC 012

Minutes Meeting Minutes
HRTC 011

Presentations Sanz Meeting Objectives and Project Status
HRTC 013

Sanz CORBA Control Systems
HRTC 014

Segarra Real-time CORBA
HRTC 015

Segarra CORBA Pluggable Transports
HRTC 016

Årzèn Networked Control Systems
HRTC 017

Blomdell Scheduled Switched Ethernet
HRTC 018

Losert Introduction to TTA
HRTC 019

Losert OMG Smart Sensors Specification
HRTC 020

Schlatterbeck TTTech Demonstration
HRTC 021

Nilsson Robot Control Testbed
HRTC 022

Rodriguez Process Control Testbed
HRTC 023

Sanz Closing Issues
HRTC 024


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