The Autonomous Systems Laboratory is an official Research Group at he Technical University of Madrid. Most of its members belong to the Industrial Engineering School. There are professors from the Automatic and Control Department, the Chemical Engineering Department and the Computer Science Department.

The main goal of the group is to develop Fully Autonomous Systems for real industrial applications.

Being fully autonomous means not only the capabiliy of perfoming tasks in uncertain evironments but also the capability of uncertain task handling and self-reconfiguration.

Fully autonomous systems do perceive, learn and evolve to another configuration depending on the current environment, constraints, internal errors, etc.

Heterogeneous multiresolutional models, intelligent control and self-awareness must be provided for a system to work properly.

Our research is hence sometimes quite abstract and multidisciplinary by nature but we try to keep our feet in ground evaluation our developments in three different technical domains: the world of continuous process control, the world of robotics and the world of information technology.

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