Keynote Speakers

Derong Liu

Derong Liu is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Computer Science University of Illinois at Chicago. Since 2005 Professor Liu is fellow of the IEEE. He is Career Award from the National Science Foundation in 1999. Dr. Liu is Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, Editor, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Electronic Letter, Letters Editor, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks. Professor Liu's research interests include Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Intelligent Control, Neural Networks, and Power Systems.

David Gamez

Dr. Gamez is at Imperial College, London and he is currently working on new techniques for analyzing neural networks for information integration. He is PhD at the Department of Computing and Electronic Systems, University of Essex and BA at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Dr. Gamez is the author of two books: What We Can Never Know and What Philosophy Is. The former explores the limits of philosophy and science through studies of perception, time, madness and knowledge and the second is a collection of essays on the nature of philosophy and other topics.

Andrée Ehresmann

Andrée Ehresmann is Emeritus Professor at the "Université de Picardie Jules Verne", and Director of the international Journal "Cahiers de Topologie et Géométrie Différentielle Catégoriques". In 50 years of mathematical research she has published about a hundred papers on Functional Analysis and Category theory and edited and commented the 7 volumes of "Charles Ehresmann: Oeuvres complètes et commentées". Since 25 years she has developed with J.- P. Vanbremeersch the theory of Memory Evolutive Systems.