Hard Real-time CORBA




D5.1 Dissemination Plan WP5   Accepted

D6.1 Project Management Manual WP6   Accepted

D3.1 RCT Requirements specification WP3  Accepted
  D4.1 PCT Requirements specification WP4   Accepted

D6.2 Evaluation Plan WP6   Accepted

D2.1 Protocols for Real-time Control WP2   Accepted

D3.2 RCT Design WP3   Accepted

D4.2 PCT Design WP4   Accepted

D6.3 Quarterly  Report M3 WP6

D3.3 RCT Procurement WP3   Accepted

D4.3 PCT Procurement WP4   Accepted

D1.1 CCS Domain Analysis WP1   Accepted

D2.2 HRT Protocol Specification WP2   Accepted

D5.5 Draft Exploitation and Use Plan WP5   Accepted

D6.4 Periodic Report M6 WP6   Accepted

D1.2 CCS Domain Architectures WP1 Final
  D2.3 HRT Protocol WP2 Final

D3.4 Non HRTP RCT Implementation WP3
  D4.4 Non HRTP PCT Implementation WP4 Final
  D6.5 Quarterly  Report M9 WP6 Final
  D3.5 HRTP RCT implementation WP3  
  D4.5 HRTP PCT implementation WP4 Final
  D1.3 CCS Engineering Handbook WP1  
  D3.6 RCT Testing WP3  
  D3.7 RCT Documentation WP3  
  D4.6 PCT Testing WP4 Final
  D4.7 PCT Documentation WP4 Final
  D5.4 HRTC Project Web Page WP5 Final
  D5.6 Exploitation and Use Plan WP5 Final
  D6.6 Periodic Report M12 WP6 Final
  D6.7 Project Evaluation Report WP6  
  D6.8 Final Report WP6  
Non-Contractual D5.2.1

HRTC Overview OMG realtime/02-10-02

WP5  Accepted

Hard Real Time CORBA OMG realtime/02-10-04

WP5  Accepted

CSWG Proposal OMG realtime/02-11-09

WP5  Accepted

OMG CSWG Charter OMG realtime/02-11-23

WP5  Accepted
  D5.2.5 CSWG Meeting SF WP5  Accepted
  D5.2.6 CSWG Rationale WP5  Accepted
  D5.2.7 CSWG White Paper WP5  Final
  D5.2.8 HRTC Poster WP5  Final
  D5.2.9 CORBA in the TTA WP5  Final
  D5.3.1 HRTC Flyer WP5  Accepted
  D5.3.2 ADCHEM Paper WP5  Accepted
  D6.9 Quarterly Report M12 WP6  

Other Documents HRTC057 TrueTime and Jitterbug WP1  Accepted
  HRTC066 RTE Transport Definition WP2  Final

HRTC067 TTP Transport Definition WP2  Final
  HRTC082 HRT CORBA Market Study WP5  Final

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