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Searching for Rigor in Cognitive Science

In an effort to consolidate theoretical research in cognitive science, the UPM Autonomous Systems Lab launched some years ago a new journal: The Journal of Mind Theory (JMT). The focus of this new journal was on precise, succinct, non-interpretable theories of hypotheses on the nature of the mind. The journal was edited by Ricardo Sanz and Jaime Gómez, and the editorial board included well known experts in the fields of cognitive science and machine consciousness.

This journal tried to capture the ongoing activity in the formal science of mind, attempting to pursue the ultimate goal of a unified formal theory of mind, but open to any collateral proposal and not tied to a specific language, background or domain.

The first two numbers of the JMT were published in paper and online thanks to a grant from the Spaninsh government. They included papers from James Albus, Ron Cottan, Pentti Haikonen, Konrad Talmont-Kaminski, Andrée C. Ehresmann, Tariq Samad, Lorenzo Magnani, Sarah Belden, and others.

Unfortunately, due to the personnel and personal circumstances, the journal didn’t have any further history but we don’t consider it dead, but sleeping in wait a of a better opportunity.

The two first numbers can be downloaded here:

JMT Vol. 0. No. 1
JMT Vol. 0. No. 2


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