UPM Autonomous Systems Laboratory


The Autonomous Systems Laboratory is a research group focused on the provision of technology for robust autonomy.

If you’ve read anything at all about Autonomous Systems (AS), you’ll probably know at least three things: AS are the most exciting target for technical research, AS can be really, I mean really, complicated and lastly ASs are absolutely, outrageously, often unaffordably expensive in effort.

While ASLab is set to change all that it is not so different from the normal models for academic research. But, in a sense, we do all our activities from an industrial-biased stance. We want to develop technology for autonomous systems in the real world, so they will free humans from supervising them once they’re up and running. They will self-manage.

ASLab Research Lines:

  • Integrated intelligent control architectures
  • Model-based control systems
  • Ontologies for autonomous systems
  • Development processes for complex controllers
  • Reusable control components
  • Real-time middleware and platforms for distributed control
  • Rettargetability of embedded control components
  • Technology of systems self-awareness
  • Philosophical implications of the technology of self-aware machines

Ongoing/Past research projects:

  • CORESENSE: An Hybrid Architecture for Deep Understanding
  • METATOOL: A metapredictive model of synthetic awareness for enabling tool invention
  • ROBOMINERS: Bioninspired Resilient Robot Miners
  • ASys: Autonomous Systems
  • HUMANOBS: Humanoids that Learn Socio-communicative Skills by Imitation
  • ICEA: Integrating cognition, emotion and autonomy
  • GENESYS: A Generic Architecture for Embedded Systems
  • COMPARE: A Component approach for real-time and embedded
  • C3: Conscious Cognitive Control
  • HRTC: Hard real-time CORBA
  • AMS: Autonomous Modular Systems
  • MERCED: A market enabler for re-targetable COTS

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ASLab, the Autonomous Systems Laboratory is a research group of the Technical University of Madrid.