UPM Autonomous Systems Laboratory

The GENESYS Project

Generic Embedded System Platform

2008-2009 / FP7-ICT 213322

The objective of the GENESYS project was the development of a cross-domain reference architecture for embedded systems that can be instantiated for different application domains to meet the requirements and constraints documented in the ARTEMIS strategic research agenda.

The requirements addressed in this generic design were composability, networking, security, robustness, diagnosis, integrated resource management and evolvability. The reference architecture was intended to address common issues, such as complexity management, separation of communication and computation, support for different levels of quality of service, security, model-based design, heterogeneity of subsystems, legacy integration, optimal power usage, and diagnosis. It would provide domain-independent services that could be customized to the needs of a particular application domain. Domain-specific platform services were converged such that components from different application domains can be consistently integrated while preserving relevant properties.

The project produced a conceptualization of the cross-domain architecture, a specification of cross-domain core services and optional services for the selected application domains, and four exploratory prototypes that demonstrated and help to evaluate the feasibility of selected central architectural concepts in the different application domains.

The expected impact of GENESYS was a reduction of development costs and a speed-up of the time-to-market of embedded system development in different ap-plication domains, thereby strengthening the European presence in the competitive world-wide embedded systems markets. The support for cross-domain reuse of components is of particular relevance to innovative European SMEs that plan to enter those markets with high-tech products under increasing time pressure.

The consortium consisted of many major European embedded system suppliers and OEMs encompassing a broad range of application domains, supported by leading research and academic organizations.


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