UPM Autonomous Systems Laboratory


WOSRA 2018

Collaboratively Working towards Ontology-based Standards for Robotics and Automation
A Full Day IROS 2018 Workshop, October 5, 2018

ReteCog 2011

ReteCog 2011 – The Architectures of Mind
A three day ReteCog Workshop, 4-6 July 2011

BICS 2010

Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems Symposium
A three day conference, 14-16 July 2010

KUC 2009

Knowledge, Understanding and Consciousness
A Workshop on Machine Consciousness within the KIMAS 20009 Conference

CAI 2007

Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence: Theoretical foundations and current approaches
A workshop at AAAI Symposium, 8-11 November 2007

AAAI 2007

Evaluating Architectures for Intelligence
A workshop affiliated with the 22nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence, July 22-23, 2007

MCC 2003

Machine Consciousness: Complexity Aspects
An Exystence Workshop, September 29-October 1, 2003

MOC 2003

Models of Consciousness Workshop. In Search for a Unified Theory
A three day workshop, September 1-3, 2003